5 Best Self-Publishing Companies in India

Self-publishing is the fastest way for authors in India to get their work published. They can now have their books published in as short as 24 hours. India is a great land for readers, authors, and publishers. Owing to its large population, anyone who has written a good content book ultimately finds the way into the hearts of millions of readers.

Every year in India, over 150000 books are published (mainly fiction) and 80 percent of these books are self-published. These are print books, if we add the count of e-books that are published via Kindle, then the overall percentage shots up to 90 %.

The book or publishing industry is rising like anything in India. In the wake of publishing demand, a good number of publishers have set their business units in different parts of the country. This post explores 5 best self-publishing companies for authors that are not only affordable but also friendly. Let’s see the list.

  1. Notion Press:

Notion Press is based out of Chennai. The company was started when the Internet industry was booming in India along with digital publishing. They have both paid and free platforms to publish books. Every month they publish over 500 books. Their paper quality is better than others.

Notion Press has a gamut of services for new to established authors. They are experts in self-publishing, E-book conversation, Kindle publishing, audio books, POD, distribution, and much more. They provide great publishing support. Find out more about at: https://notionpress.com/

  1. White Falcon Publishing:

White Falcon Publishing is one of the fastest growing self-publishing companies in India. It operates from Chandigarh. They produce good quality for printed books. They are known for POD and customized publishing plans. They offer good share of royalty and put books for sale on leading online retail stores. For more, visit their website https://whitefalconpublishing.com/

  1. Pothi:

Pothi is a Bangalore based self-publishing cum Print on Demand Company. It is more like a platform. You log in, upload the book cover and the manuscript, the book is ready for sale on their website. However, to get the book on Amazon and other online retail stores, one needs to have a package from them. Generally, it’s affordable. At Pothi, it is easy to publish, but support is missing. Find out more at the website: https://pothi.com/

  1. Evincepub Publishing:

Evincepub Publishing is relatively a new self-publishing company based in Bilaspur, Chattisgarh. So far the company has released quite a number of bestsellers in many genres. Like many others, they too have affordable to premium book publishing packages. Yes they have good quality and even on Kindle their books look quite readable. Speak to them for more details via their website: https://evincepub.com/

  1. 24by7 Publishing:

24by7 Publishing is based out of Kolkata. Caters to various publishing needs, be it coffee table book or magazine, they have a service for authors. They claim to publish any book, print and e-book in just 14 days. Best is to explore their website for best services and help – https://www.24by7publishing.com/


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