Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Mobile App Developer

You have a business and also have a website for it. Everything is fine but something is missing: App. If you do not turn in time to hire a mobile app developer to get an app for your business, then you are missing out on varied opportunities. Probably, your rivals may gain more business, because you fail to have an app for your beloved business.  

It needs no researched evidence that Smartphone and tablets are being used heavily than desktops and laptops. People around the world are getting used to e-services. Mobile app is a necessity than show off. So, you must be thinking to get a responsive mobile app where customers can see, review, and place orders and also get all updates necessary for them.  

Before you freeze a decision to a hire software developer, who will create a magical app, you need to ask a set of questions to test his/her skills and experience in the first place.

Ask for the links of already developed Apps:

A practiced developer will always carry links or proofs of his previously developed apps. Hence, if you are asking about past links – then you are doing a right thing. A candidate should be able to provide links of the apps developed by him in Google’s Android App Store, Blackberry App World, or Google Play.

Get a list of his past clients:

You must not hire a web developer on the basis of good looks; rather tell him to provide a list of clients he has so far worked for. When you call his previous clients, do ask about his performance, contribution towards team ambience, problem solving skills, and result orientation. Some of the clients will speak about his positive points, could be possible that a few may scorn him as well. In the end you have to weigh his profile based on the received feedbacks.

Cross check his tablet and mobile device knowledge:

Ask him what type of a Smartphone he uses. The answer will provide a deeper insight about the developer’s ability to cope up with the types of mobiles. If he uses an android phone, then designing an app for iphone will be tough for this guy. Generally, a mobile app designer keeps all phones for the sake of practical knowledge, for device knowledge is also important along with design and development.

Can he develop an App to Earn Money?

If your requirement is to get a revenue-generating app, ask him what kind of features he can design or build to achieve the purpose. Otherwise for a free type, he should be able to explain what the basic difference is between these two types of apps. 

How to test the App:

Generally, when you hire a mobile app developer, the responsible person will show you the mockups before freezing the final notes of designs and features. Because app making takes time and money, so forwarding it without a test can play a spoil sport.

Technical Knowledge:

A mobile app developer is a technical profile and it is way complicated and difficult than web development. Nowadays, an app developer can use a variety of programming languages and frameworks that work with them. Even before you hire one, you should be clear as what type of framework and programming language is suited for your app. Once that is decided, you can ask the candidate questions related to those frameworks.

Though most of the websites are mobile-friendly, but getting designed a mobile app for your business is a good way to keep pace with the changing consumers’ behavior.


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