What is the Difference between Premade and Custom Website

Scams are the bad actors of online industry. They are everywhere in many forms even when you go to find a web designer online. How would you determine that you aren’t cheated by a freelance web designer, whom you picked up from a service marketplace to get a website done for your needs? It is possible that you lecture out a long list of checklist needed in your site but land up getting only a premade template on the name of a custom website. If you ever get caught between situation where you find it tough to understand whether you have received a custom made (that you ordered) website or just an overly used template on the pretext of a customized order. Worry not, here are some tips to understand the difference between a premade template and an original designed website to widen your vista.

Advantages of the Premade Website Template:

  • They are cost-effective and people hire web designer experts who use them instantly
  • Developers can play with their already built-in features
  • The time devoted on their development is usually short
  • Clients can see what template is being used for them
  • Templates aren’t hidden; clients can see what they are getting
  • The design can be changed anytime as one has to pick up from a stock, not creating new all the time

Disadvantages of the Premade Website Template:

  • The biggest demerit is that it is not going to be an original–it won’t be that unique as per your anticipation.
  • It could have already been in use by some or many people, as these templates can be downloaded by many people at a time. Only content once put in differentiates them from others.
  • Since they are already built, chances of SEO for the website are less documented.

Advantages of Custom Design:

  • Since they are unique in design they are also quite adaptable to client’s needs
  • Their features are rich – not limited or boring
  • They are validated, in terms of CSS and HTML

Disadvantages of Custom Design:

  • Very costly, it’s generally developed by the in-house team, thus not suited to freelance web designers.
  • The time for its development usually takes longer
  • Cannot see the design until it’s totally finished

It may break your heart to know that freelance web designers, who have penchant for quick bucks, often download templates from a various sources and after modifying colour, background, or icons, they sell it to clients at a costly manifold price in the guise of custom website development.

In the freelancing world, ‘custom’ is quite a tricky word. Freelancers play around it to fool the clients. For them custom is the word to sell an ordinary thing in an attractive way. The rise of web design scams has notably been increased because there is a lot of demand for inexpensive web designers; thus, smart ones try to sell templates downloaded or rejected from their clients to others.

Before you hire web designer experts from freelancing portals make sure you have a plan to detect that you are not going into the hands of fraud freelancers.


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