What are the Advantages of Email Marketing?

We all love sending emails when needed, and also hate when they spam our inboxes. No bizarre mystery, as we all know the most common form of online communication is email. An email poses great powers to make difference in people’s lives, and importantly it doesn’t recognize any geographical boundaries and need no postman to carry it. It just goes, for where it is destined. When marketing using emails, it’s known as email marketing. The practice of email marketing is relatively new but at the same time very impactful and cost effective. If you are planning a mega marketing event, the relevant tip is to hire email marketing experts and start with it. Want to know why? Read on to delve into the reasons.

Budget Friendly:

Go back to the letter writing days and imagine that you have to write 1 letter but want it to send to 100 people. Solution is that you have to get 100 letters, write content on them each time, and send them by spending a range of money as per the addresses. Contrary to letter days, sending one email to thousands of people is easy and costs almost naught. Mainstream marketing methods involve signage, hoardings, billboards, road shows, ads on TV and newspapers. And all these forms require hefty amount of money. Thus, starting a campaign with mass emailing will cost you less.

Targeted Audiences:

On websites there are many things that entice visitors. Therefore, users subscribe a website for one or many things like newsletters, updates, tips, etc. So, the data you have is already of interested audiences. This way you save your money and time by not addressing your products to unnecessary or irrelevant users. When emails hit the interested audiences the chances of conversion increases eventually.

Segment to Segment:

The targeted audiences can be further filtered segment wise. This works well for online stores, as where many of the products go out of stock and customers wait for their arrival. When emails sent to this class of users, there comes back a robust response from the users. If you can do sending work alone it is fine, otherwise hire email marketing experts using freelance portals, these people charge very less but you have to provide them your handy database, that’s the only risk involved.

Nudges for Actions:

When users see a well-documented email in their inboxes and if by any chances it is hitting their area of interest, they impulsively see it and immediately proceed for a decision. No other marketing channel can provide users immediate links to buy or browse services and products. Email marketing plays with people’s impulsive instinct.

Simple to Create:

Creating an email file is easy; you can do by downloading thousands of beautiful templates, fill them with your relevant content, links, images and logos and the job is done. Earlier sending emails to mass would cost money but now today there are many sites from where you can send for free.

Email writing is an advanced technological face of letter writing. Internet works like an invisible postman but receivers are all the more same.


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