5 Reasons to Read the Book Productivity Promoter by Dax Bamania

Productivity Promoter by Dax Bamania is a way useful and insightful book than I could put in any of the reviews. The book clearly aims to enhance the productivity of people across the corporate world.

Being a management guy, I run after books that can help me prepare good content for productivity booster. Well, I had really a good time reading this book and I think it should be circulated to a wider reach of audience. Thus, I am pin pointing some reasons as why you should also pick up this book.

  1. Forwarded and Praised by Many Eminent Figures:

It has been forwarded and praised by the CM of Gujarat, Shri Vijay Rupani. In fact many other eminent personalities praised this book such as Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai, Dr. Pravin Parmar, and so on.

“Productivity Promoter is a thought-provoking book by Dax. It will help everyone to get focused on one word – Productivity.”

2. Focuses on Productivity Boosting:

It is a need of the hour for business leaders and individuals who wish to scale up their productivity. The book offers 8P model which covers some important aspects like Precise Purpose, Passion, Patience, Parenting, Pointers, and so on.

When a book has a clear message and objectivity, it becomes easy to gel with it. All the information presented in the book is lucid and explained with proper stats and credibility. The intent of the book is to encourage people for augmenting their productivity.

3. Full of Practical Tips and Solutions:

The book is not limited to Dos and Donts. It holds solutions for many problems that business leaders face while getting full productive work from the staff. As I read the book from precise purpose to productivity pointers, I felt that the book is more inclined towards solutions than just discussing the issues. Be it communication matter or models like GROW, ARROW, GOOP, or Johari Window – the book delivers practical solutions to issues.

4. Encouraging Stance:

The book not only delivers know-how on productivity but also encourages readers through its content. For example, it discusses about 5S of business, and then the importance of passion in work, and how technology and data can help grow the business. In the end, in Productivity Pointers chapters, the pointers are way encouraging and great in their essence.

5. Pace and Language of the Book is Good:

The key USP of the book is its readability factor. With just 118 pages, I read it quite fast. The author has maintained the fine balance between engagement and knowledge. Nothing overlaps and I had no difficulty finishing this book in a couple of days. The genuine and simple writing style makes this book affordable. It can be read by millions of people across the world on Kindle or in the e-book format.

Buy your copy from Amazon.


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