An Overview of Cloud Security Monitoring on AWS

Monitoring and automation can be used to protect the infrastructure, as well as technical controls such as Network Security, Endpoint Security, and Services Security. 

Ensuring that endpoints are protected and monitored

Monitoring and securing the various kinds of endpoints is fundamental. In addition to this, there are a few managed AWS services available to assist companies. CloudWatch, for instance, monitors real-time traffic, collects logs for various AWS services and applications, as well as gathers performance metrics, among many other things.

It integrates well with other security monitoring tools such as AWS CloudTrail, an auditing service that records all account activities and events history, monitors changes, and demonstrates non-repudiation. Amazon CloudWatch receives the logs and distributes them.

AWS System Manager should be capable of effectively managing the different assets of an organization located in the cloud. AWS offers a wide range of managed services for system management, monitoring, and automation, including AWS System Manager Inventory, AWS System Manager Distributor, AWS System Manager Patch Manager, AWS System Sessions Manager, and AWS System Automation.

The Monitoring of Consistent Changes

To ensure an organization’s assets in the cloud are protected from attacks and are run effectively, monitoring tools are used to recognize and respond to threats as well as to assess resources continuously.

By using predefined appraisal templates, Amazon Inspector, for example, is used to detecting vulnerabilities and security misconfigurations. The appraisal format contains rules packages that instruct Amazon Inspector on how the evaluation target should be assessed.

Currently, there are four standards packages:

1) Network reachability,

2) Common weaknesses and openings (CVEs),

3) Center for Internet Security (CIS) benchmarks, and

4) Security best practices. 

GuardDuty, on the other hand, detects threat types and unapproved behaviors while Amazon Inspector discovers vulnerabilities. After a threat has been identified, Amazon Detective can assist a security engineer with incident investigation and threat chasing.

Services such as AWS Config and AWS Audit Manager are responsible for ensuring that operating systems, applications, and databases are compliant. The AWS Config guarantees that technical controls that meet compliance necessities are set up, while AWS Audit Manager gathers the proof to show that these technical controls are implemented.

With either the AWS Security Hub or AWS – ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana)-a SaaS solution, it is possible to monitor all security controls from various AWS accounts and services in an organization from a single dashboard.

Organizing services through automation

Many AWS services have automation built-in to continue running evaluations, gathering data, and joining results. By using System Manager Run Command and System Manager Automation, you can run scripts to accomplish a task.

Both AWS CloudTrail and CloudWatch Events consider full automation, that is, discovering the event, sending an alert, and then triggering remediation actions. The CloudWatch service integrates pretty much every AWS service, and an event triggers a CloudWatch Event, which is then caught by CloudTrail, which summons an activity based on the event patterns.

Finally, let me conclude.

This survey covers the different Amazon Web Services native managed security services available and how they can fit into companies’ security landscapes. Through the use of these services, companies can reduce operational complexities and workloads, better manage their environment’s security, and reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary duplicate third-party controls.

The actions mentioned above can’t all be implemented by every company, in any case. This is because many do not have simple AWS environments to worry about. In a new study conducted by Dimensional Research in July 2021, 73% of safety experts revealed that their managers were using multi-cloud systems. The figure doesn’t include the number of companies that need hybrid cloud environments.

Fortunately, ExtNoc’s Managed AWS Services and cybersecurity solutions can assist businesses in achieving total visibility of their entire infrastructure, whether it’s a single AWS deployment, multi-cloud environments, or hybrid cloud plans. Security teams can then monitor their connected assets’ configurations and manage known vulnerabilities using those tools.


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