Top 5 Basic Tasks SEO Agencies should Contract out

The growth of SEO firms thrives on the outsourcing work they get from their clients. However, there is another turn in the story – they do find SEO agencies and take help from them i.e. they do outsource their work to get the results faster for the projects they receive from their clients. A lot of planning and sequence of work is needed to do SEO for a website, to make it rank higher in SERPs (search engine result pages). For every small need, if digital branding firms hire SEO experts in the form of in-house team, it is likely that they may not make profit in their profession. Therefore, even famous digital branding agencies that undertake SEO projects generally outsource most of the work in order to serve many clients at the same time. When the work is outsourced to freelancers and other people, they just do the batching work, and keep increasing their client list. Here’s the list of things that SEOs can outsource to others:


Content Writing:

The basic purpose of SEO is to empower websites with remarkable and original content. Keeping an in-house team would not be sufficed to cover up all topics. Content requirement differ from project to project, some need technical content while many may opt in for creative or copywriting. Thus, keeping a huge team of writers to meet the content needs from all possible walks of business verticals is not only tough but also beyond budget limits. The possible solution is to freelance SEO jobs online to content agencies or get it done from an array of freelance content writers. 


Backlink Reports:

Backlinking is a vital part of SEO, and it generally takes place by placing content onto different other websites and forums. Once backlinks are generated, their reports are sent to clients. And the tools to monitor its report are costly, so purchasing every time will be a costlier affair. Outsourcing this task to experts is best suited to save money. 


Designing Needs:

Blogs and articles getting posted without images will do no good to its content. Visual attraction is also needed for content. While posting content, a range of images go in sync like logos, posters, banners and main image – depending upon time to time. Outsourcing designing related work to freelancers is a nice way to fix image-related needs quickly.



SEO people work for local to international clients. Not every client needs SEO done in English, many prefer in their native languages like Spanish, Mandarin, Hindi, etc. The best place to find translation services is on service marketplaces. With the help of translation services one can create Adword campaigns, social posts, hot news, and landing pages in vernacular languages.


Citation Building:

Citation in SEO means mentioning business without links – it can be in the form of contact number, a line about service, office address, etc. It helps in wining local SEO. For this reason, find SEO agencies as citation building work can be given to small and local SEOs who know the local area’s websites and their working methods. Online telephone directories and classified websites are best used for citations.

Though we all think that SEO guys are all-rounder, but that is not the case, even they do need support to handle their clients 360 ways. Their best allies are freelancers who work hard to sequence their work.


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