Can you Understand Love through Books?

Is love a technical aspect of our life? Or can we say it is as technical as AI, robotics, coding, and digital marketing? For lovers…it could be. Love is feeling which cannot be confined nor can it be defined. Love has no proper definition, according to Surajit Roy, the author of Love Science, “there are many different definitions of love and relationship, but two are the most common. The first is the feeling of attraction to a person. It can also be sexual or physical. It is an emotional connection that can be mutually satisfying. It can also be a good friendship or family relationship. The second definition is the feeling of desire for someone. A person may feel love and desire for another person in a variety of ways.”

Love through books mostly means romance thrillers or love stories. These types of books bring the stories from society. Some real, mixed with fiction. Love is such a thing that has a lot of resources to understand it, but it always slips down the vista of human. We cannot comprehend it but we can try at least. So, if you draw to conclusion whether you can understand the fanatics of love through books – the answer may hang in the air. Understanding of love has no guarantee. It differs from one person to another, from one situation to another.

If you carry out an online search best books to understand love, there are hardly any books on the topic directly, otherwise they are routed through how to make marriage work or tips for long-lasting relationship. Thus, finding direct resources of books to find love is highly impossible. Yet, Surajit Roy tried in this genre with his book “Love Science: Psychology of Attraction”.

Curious to know more about the author and this book, visit the site:

This book humbly strives to serve as a practical guide to understand love which further can be used to understand love affairs, relationships, and much more. In short, to make life better…but certainly this book doesn’t make one love guru.

The book’s content table is as follows:

  • The Foundation of Love
  • Evolution of Love in Different Age Groups
  • The Sign of an Extramarital Affair
  • The Biochemistry of Love
  • Everyday Realization of Love
  • When Love Goes Amiss

Further the book is divided into subtopics. A glance at the content table, gives quite a good impression that the book is a humble effort to understand love factor in romance and life’s relationships.

Coming to the question: can books answer our love queries? May be or may be not…but certainly books can drive us to see what is behind the psychology of attraction, tantamount to love.

Post script, it can be said that love and life related blogs can prove beneficial and resourceful to get insights about love incidents…one such famous one is Mark Mansion’s. Run your queries online, and better see the results through the Google pages.


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