Tips for Making Your Home Office Meeting Ready

If you work from home, you sometimes struggle to be productive, especially if you work from a disorganized space. If your job involves a lot of video conference meetings, you must also set up your home office to facilitate virtual meetings. People whose homes are their primary workspace may also have in-person meetings.

Staging your home office space makes it more conducive to undertake your work activities. It also allows you to maximize the functionality of your home office.

Having a fully functional home office is important if you plan on selling your home in the future. A properly staged home office attracts prospective homebuyers looking for a home with a space to work and increases your property value.

1. Use Good Lighting

Good lighting is essential when staging your home office for holding virtual meetings. First, take advantage of natural light by placing your office desk in a spot with enough sunlight. When positioning your desk, ensure your computer screen faces away from the window to avoid glare.

Position your chair to face the window so that enough light shines on your face and not your back. When you have virtual meetings, it is easier for people to see you.

If your office space is not in an area that gets a lot of natural light, use adjustable overhead lighting. A desk lamp is also an excellent addition to improve lighting in your home office. Adjusting the brightness of your light allows you to stage your office for meetings at different times. For meetings held at night, increase the intensity of your lights to improve visibility.

2. Introduce Features to Improve Air Circulation

Poor air circulation in the office makes it hard for anyone to get comfortable and affects productivity. One way to improve indoor air quality in your home office is to take advantage of natural ventilation by opening the windows. With open windows, you have more fresh air getting into your office, your thoughts are clear, and you can process information better. Therefore, your in-person meetings will likely have better outcomes.

Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system also determines the air quality in your home office. Ensure you have a fully functional HVAC system to avoid hot or cold spots in the office. Getting an air conditioner for your office space allows you to adjust air conditioning based on your clients’ preferences, providing personalized comfort.

3. Use Neutral Colors

Neutral colors have a calming effect, making clients feel more relaxed in your office. Additionally, they blend in with the décor giving your office a balanced look. The primary color in your office should be a neutral shade. Any large decorative pieces on the walls should also have neutral shades. 

Besides providing a calm atmosphere, neutral colors are essential during staging for home buyers as it allows them to envision how the office would look with their decorative pieces. Accessorize with warm colors to make the office look inviting.

Stage Your Home Office for Better Productivity

Staging your office allows you to customize it to fit your needs, thus helping you do your job better. Follow the tips above to improve the outlook of your home office and explore more tips on Saby Tech.


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