3 Reasons to Read Comprehensive General Knowledge Ready Referencer 2022 by B R Leelashree

Cracking a government job competitive examination is a tough proposition. A candidate must be equipped with relevant and right set of books for fast and effective learning. And no competitive examination or quiz test is devoid of general knowledge (GK). It’s an important subject often covered in an objective way in preliminary types of exams. 

Comprehensive General Knowledge Ready Referencer 2022 by B R Leelashree is a new good book on the vast coverage of GK. This post explores why it should be considered by candidates in their study resources.


Easy to Learn and Refer:

If a book has one-liner or objective type layout of questions and answers, it’s always a cakewalk to go through a lot of content in shortly. This is such a good book that you can read and cover a lot of topics by just glancing in the book. The chronological order in the book is apt and designed in such a way that it fosters resilient learning. A candidate refers many books for GK, this is highly recommended.


Vast Coverage:

The book is segmented into 15 modules. 12 modules about giving information on various static/fixed GK topics from many fields like history, geography, computers, space, world, India, banking, Indian railways, defence, etc. While last 3 modules are for testing, especially that module which has 18 mock papers in it. Each mock paper has a set of 11 questions, objective type.  After reading this book, you will be familiar with who was pioneer in what fields, first in India, first in world, authors of popular books, famous shrines, and the list goes on.


Comprehensive and Useful for Many Types of Candidates:

The general knowledge facts are given in a full size book of over 750 pages. The back cover of the page has glance of all the aspects. From there you can gather that the book has many USPs. The book can serve well to candidates of RRB, SSC, IBPS, RPF, SPSC, GK for NTSE and Olympiad, and even for quizzes like KBC.

The book is a great opportunity to refer to many points at one place. It has over 2500 GK facts, 6000 general English pieces, and 18 mock tests.

If you are weak in GK and has less time for this subject, probably this is the book that can help you to catch up with your ambitious study plan.


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